My name is Calvin Wu and I'm a freelance illustrator!

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some stuff for my trip to Canada, still looking for couch if you can host me! let me know ;)
first stop Toronto!

Good Night Nature

Blood Sucks

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We been occupied by Greedy

are you sure is you occupied the Greedy!?

Falling Moon…(Moon Festival part 5)
happy Moon Festival my friend ;)

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Space junk

Owl night… (Mid-Autumn Festival part 3)

We been kissed by the sun…
Recently the weather is so Hot, that inspired me make this piece art because I’m doing the art work without air conditioners… (it’s good for the environment)

I really want to put some weight on…

Late summer

Where is Chang’e… (Mid-Autumn Festival part 2)

That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind…(Mid-Autumn Festival part1)

Trap in Technology (Tweetie)

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